Biography of Gonnie van Herwijnen


Born in 1963 in a place called Vught, lying in the south of the Netherlands, she has developed to a realistic oilpainter. In the last fiftheen years she has followed a thorough study in painting teaching by Olav Koolen in the Muzerije in 's-Hertogenbosch.

Preferably she's painting with oil colours in which she can lose al the feeling for time and place. Every painting again is a new challenge and it gives her lots of satisfaction to create the right atmosphere on a painting canvas.

Lately, a lot of inspiration is comming while painting several theatrical themes. The reason is that there are lots of details to paint in these kind of subjects.

This inspiration is the course that I often am painting in very late hours of the day (morning). I truly hope to be painting for many, many years. So that I can hitch on this journey where the smell's of paint, varnish and turpentine together with a pensel, a linen curtain and a painter's easel often lead to surprising results.



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