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This is the place where we will make announces about any modifications on this website. If you have been on our site before and you want to know which items are changed, this is the place where you wanna be.


[Nieuw] 19 march 2006: A mural for a little girls bedroom
[Nieuw] 19 march 2006: Two new oil paintings, both somewhere in Germany...
  05 november 2005: A brand new painting is among us...
  04 oktober 2005: We changed and improved the search page.
  28 september 2005: There is now a possebility to fill out a request for exchange links
  19 september 2005: The Englisch translation is as ready as can be, the "Under construction" picture is removed.
  17 september 2005: We have made a start for an Englisch translation. As long as this isn't ready you will see a "Under construction"picture next to the label above.
  13 september 2005: At some pages (where pictures are) you can use a magnification tool. You can find it at the upper-left corner of your screen.
  12 september 2005: The playground is active, There will soon be some more puzzels.
  11 september 2005: is now back on the internet in a whole new outfit.
  11 september 2005: You can find some new products in the galerie.


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